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Lifiting Collars

Lifting Collars of Oilfield Hose is our company’s Patent Product.


The structure of this kind of product consists of two semi-circular card Board, set at one end a fixed-wing, set on a fixed-wing referred to through the screw connection screw; two semi-circular card described by axis hinged at the other end of the Board, as described in set the lifting holes on the fixed-wing.


This products and existing technology compared to, the end of hanging card comparison smooth, can avoid the end insert close to the other Hose  makes transport more security; due to the Oilfield Hose hanging card of end for axis hinge connection, through another end by of connection screw rod can makes two a semi-circular card Board will pipeline card of more tight, not only can avoid connection screw rod in transport in the loose of problem, and installed more convenient, and structure more simple.


Patent Number: 201320041958.6


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Jingbo Petroleum Machinery CO. LTD, Jingxian County Hebei Province, founded in 1986, is the first grade network department of CNPC, CNOOC and SINOPEC and the fire-proof hoses branch company of well control units manufacturing center of CNPC. It is a member of IADC. ISO9000 quality management system of China Classification Society was certified. API Spec 7K, API Spec 16A and API Spec 16C was certified.
The company was named high-tech enterprise in 2009. It has advanced production equipment, complete inspection measures, all sets of processing equipment of manufacturing high strength hose, mechanical machining……


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